Valve certification testing seminar successfully held at Pullman Wenzhou
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Valve certification testing seminar successfully held at Pullman Wenzhou

Date:2020/7/30   Views:23

  On November 30th, the “Valve Certification Testing Seminar” co-organized by Zhejiang Pump and Valve Industry Association and jointly sponsored by Zhejiang Xinhai Testing Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Rongda Material 
Corrosion Testing Co., Ltd., and TüV SüD Nande Certification Testing China Co., Ltd. Herman Hotel successfully held! Chen Wenrong, Secretary General of Zhejiang Pump and Valve Industry Association, 
Secretary General of Zhejiang Valve Standardization Committee, Zhang Xiaozhong, Executive Vice President of Zhejiang Pump and Valve Industry Association, Professor Wu Baizhong, Deputy Secretary-General 
of Wenzhou Mechanical Engineering Society, Director of the Valve Department of Wen Vocational College, Dong Jinxin, and Yongjia Pump and Valve Technology Center Director Chen Guoshun attended the seminar.
  This seminar invited more than a hundred people from Wenzhou pump and valve entrepreneurs, R & D technicians, quality assurance personnel, pump and valve teaching and research personnel, etc. 
The scene was lively. The seminar provided in-depth explanations and discussions on hotspots and difficult issues in valve industry fugitive tests, construction of corrosion behavior, and testing and certification.
  The meeting was welcomed by Secretary-General Chen Wenrong on behalf of the Association. Secretary-General Chen introduced the purpose and significance of the seminar or held, and also introduced 
the production and sales situation of Yongjia Valve in the first three quarters, which has increased steadily compared to last year. The Secretary-General also introduced the business scope and strengths of 
the organizer of this seminar. The business strengths of Zhejiang Xinhai Testing Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Rongda Materials Corrosion Testing Co., Ltd. are sulfide stress corrosion, hydrogen-induced cracking, 
methane and helium microleak test. Zhejiang Xinhai Testing Co., Ltd. opened and officially operated on October 28, 2017. It is complementary to the Zhejiang Pump and Valve Product Quality Inspection 
Center in business, and will better serve Zhejiang pump and valve enterprises, and provide convenient, efficient and high-quality testing services at the door.
  TüV SüD STP sales manager of SüD introduced SüD's business scope at the meeting. Manager Xu Zhujun of the valve department introduced the differences, coverage and testing requirements of the 
API 607 and API6FA standards, and introduced the API 624 standard, API 641 standard, ISO15848-1 standard, and TA-Luft standard.
  Yao Xin, the technical director of Zhejiang Xinhai Inspection Co., Ltd. and a graduate student of Beijing University of Science and Technology, analyzed and explained the corrosion mechanism, test requirements, 
and factors affecting test results of sulfide stress corrosion SSC, hydrogen-induced cracking HIC, and production There are some suggestions on how the company can ensure that the requirements are met 
in terms of materials. Yao Gong also explained the standard requirements for valve micro-leakage testing, and focused on explaining the five aspects of the factors that affect the micro-leakage test results,
 and put forward effective suggestions for the manufacturing process of valve companies to improve the overall product quality level of the valve and Loose test requirements. Yao Gong was talking, it was full 
of dry goods, there was no extra language, but every word and word spoken by the valve company was helpful, and was well received by the guests.
Yin Henggang, the quality leader of Jiangsu Rongda Materials Corrosion Testing Co., Ltd. and a graduate student of Chongqing University, gave a lecture on "Product Quality Control for Failure Analysis Technical 
Assistant Enterprises". Yin Gong starts with what is failure analysis, the purpose and significance of failure analysis, the methods and methods of failure analysis, and references many practical cases to explain 
in-depth and easy to understand.     Chief engineer of Jiangsu Rongda Material Corrosion Detection Co., Ltd. and general manager of Jiangsu Libo Enterprise Management Services Co., Ltd., gave a report on "Lab Construction and System 
Operation", explaining the establishment of a laboratory system by the company to obtain CNAS accreditation Benefits, for companies with knowledge about establishing a laboratory quality management system,
 operation, and applying for accreditation. Jia Gaogong's speech attracted high recognition from Ms. Zhu Xiaoying, the quality manager of Zhejiang Longsheng Electric Co., Ltd. from Binhai Park, and invited 
Jia Gaogong to continue to Longsheng Electric Co. to make further explanations tomorrow.                    Finally, Professor Wu Baizhong, Deputy Secretary-General of Wenzhou Mechanical Engineering Society, made a concluding speech, affirming the positive significance and fruitful results of the seminar. 
Professor Wu pointed out: In order for Wenzhou pump and valve industry to actively respond to Xi’an ’s “One Belt and One Road” call, to improve quality, go abroad, and connect to the world, education, research, 
manufacturing, and testing need to be promoted together to promote each other and make common progress in order to promote the stability of the entire industry. Development can be invincible in the market! 
Secretary-General Wu hopes that Zhejiang Xinhai Testing Co., Ltd. will uphold the purpose of serving Wenzhou pump and valve enterprises, forge ahead, seek truth from facts, and work together with Zhejiang 

Pump and Valve Product Quality Inspection Center for Zhejiang pump and valve industry promotion makes its own contribution.